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Version : 0.57

KIPAS GUYS is a Modified VERSION Of Stumble Guys To Get A More Enjoyable Gaming Experience. Enjoy All the premium features with Cheats, Hacks and MOD Menu.

Welcome Everyone, We are here with the ultimate version of Kipas Guys. Do you know about Kipas Guys ? Are you searching for an official website to download Kipas Guys then you are at right place. We will be going to share all the information about Kipas Guys from start to end, you can easily download and install the app with proper guidance. This article will also cover all pros and cons of Kipas Guys along with some useful FAQs of the APK. So please read it till the end, let’s get started.

Party with your Friends

Kipas Guys

Kipas Guys has been the most popular Stumble Guys MOD ever since. That’s the reason we are making it to the next level, adding more conversation features and some added features to give you a more satisfactory Experience. If you like to play with stumble guys, but hassling to grow then Kipas Guys Apk will be very helpful for you. Trying this version is just free, You can download it from KipasGuys.Net (official website)

Kipas Guys Download

For those who don’t know much about Kipas guys here is a quick explanation. So Kipas Guys is a modified version of stumble guys, this version has all premium features Unlocked with a variety of add-on functions. This game is the ultimate version of Stumble guys since now. Although there are other stumble guys MOD also available like Stumble Guys MOD APK, IRGI Terbaik Stumble Guys Apk, and Pokemon X Stumble Guys Apk, still Kipas has the best playing experience with all the premium features you can see ever.

Race with your friends

How To Play Kipas Guys Apk?

Kipas Guys is a multiplayer game, it’s usually played between 32 online players. There are many Playing modes, like online multiplayer mode, tournament, and party mode. The core features of this game are the same as Stumble Guys, the ultimate goal of every match is to reach the finish line. But it’s not that simple, the way to the finish line is full of obstacles, jumpings, and cracks. You will need to reach the finish line as soon as you can because only 16 out of 32 will win the match.

Why Do We Need Kipas Guys?

The answer to this question is simple, to get extra! As a human, you always wanted to utilize everything fully, but without a premium membership, you can’t play with all resources. That’s the primary reason to bring Kipas Guys, after this, we have done many changes in its UI and other elements to make it user-friendly. We have also added some unique and extra features which don’t exist in a real game. Because Using Kipas Guys is important to use and has been the ultimate MOD of Stumble Stumble Guys Apk.

Download Kipas Guys APK For Free

App NameKipas Guys
DeveloperKitka Games
LicenseUnlocked, Free
File TypeAPK File
Total Download1.63K
Updated On2 Hours Ago

Downloading Kipas Guys Apk is now the easiest task you can do. It’s all possible using It’s the official version to download kipas Guys Apk. With this Website you can freely download the latest version of Kipas on the go, there is no need to spend a single penny on anything. Just click on the Download button available on this article. After that, you can install the apk on your device, and also you can take the help of our simple installation guide.

Kipas Guys – Features

Kipas Guys is full of amazing features because it’s important to learn about the theme and use it wisely. Therefore we have shared a detailed guide on the Top features available in Kipas Guys with its information. All you need to do is, just go through this feature and try to play with it once.

kipas guys mod menu

Fabulous MOD Menu

MOD Menu is the lifeline of Kipas Guys, this is the thing where we have added all the premium features and add-ons. With MOD Menu you can do anything you want. Using it you can turn on the premium features, like all skins, animation, Steps, and more. Also, you can adjust hacks like speed and jump hacks. There is also the option to select your favorite skin and make this app work as you want. So try it now.

All Skins Unlocked

No doubt Stumble Guys has thousands of attractive themes from Common and rare to legendary and special, we have given each Skin with Kipas Guys. In one click you can unlock all these amazing skins and play with them. Now you don’t need to struggle for unlocking skins or purchase them with gems and money. Just go to and download Kipas Guys Apk for free.


More Powers & Abilities

If you are bored playing the same level and want to try something unique, then this feature is for you. In Kipas Guys we have shared an option to play with hack and MOD features. You can increase your character speed, jump it higher, and let others fall much more. Using these extraordinary features will give you an instant win in every match, no more need to spend money on membership, just play with Kipas Guys Apk.

Kipas Guys new Maps

Amazing Maps

Kipas Guys has access to more than 20 Maps, these maps are very attractive and unique. Players will experience different difficulties and problems on each map. To enhance your playing experience we have added a feature to choose a custom map, there is no need to play with any random map, which doesn’t suit you. Just install Kipas Guys Apk and select your favorite map, there is an option to select up to 3 Maps at once.

Play Multiplayer Matches

Kipas Guys is the most engaging Multiplayer game, You can play with your friends, make a party and enjoy with them. Kipas Guys offers multiplayer matches between 32 online players, in party mode, you can choose how many people to play it. This game is like a man running a race, fielded with obstacles. You will need to reach the finish line before anyone other can reach it.

International Tournaments

Want to play with international players and test your skills? Then Tournaments Mode is for you. This mode gives a big price pool with participation from worldwide. You can test your skills, and play as a team or individually. There are all kinds of tournaments available in this game. With our version, you can freely download this app.

Make Your Avatar Unique

Your avatar is the representation of yourself because we have unlocked all customizations option. Now you can easily customize your character as you want. There is the option to change its animation, steps, and many more. You can change your character’s skin and give it a new look. This feature has no limit, you can do it as many times as you want. Just install the app and try it yourself.

kipas guys - ultimate MOD

Ultimate MOD Version

Although Stumble guys also have some other MOD version, Kipas Guys is the most popular among them. The reason behind this is continuous support and features advantages. We are always working for you, adding more features and benefits to our users. You can use all the premium features of stumble guys and some added hack features for free. This version will never ask for money, you can utilize it for free.

No ads

Truly Ads Free Interface

Ads Are very annoying, because of this we removed them from Kipas Guys Apk. You can play this amazing game without any interruptions or promotions. This feature is available for free, which means you will never need to spend a single penny on it. Please download it from, its official website or you may encounter some technical issues.

no Root Required

No Root Access is Needed

Rooting your device is like inviting a virus to attack your device. It’s never good to do it, and many times it can make you harm. But don’t worry this problem is not with Kipas Guys, we never ask for any private information or password. Please don’t share anything like any app or it can be misused.

Kipas Guys – Pros & Cons

As with anything in the world, there are some pros and cons and here we want to share them with you. With this, you can easily clear your mind on whether to use or not the Kipas Guys Apk on your device.

  • 1. All Premium Features: Stumble Guys is an amazing game, but playing it without all Skins, Emotes, and premium perks is boring. Because you can get all this in Kipas Guys Apk, just Download it now.
  • 2. Play With Choice: Kipas Guys is made to give you the choice you can choose which version you want, which features you want, and which modes you want. There is no limit in this apk.
  • 3. Get Full Access: There are many features and perks which are not available for free, so with Kipas guys you can easily access them without purchasing any pass or membership.
  • 4. Totally Ads Free Interface: Ads Are very annoying because we have removed all of them in Kipas Guys, enjoy gaming.
  • 5. Free To Download & Use: Having all these extraordinary images will never mean you need to pay for them. For all our valuable users we are sharing Kipas Guys Apk for free.
  • 1. Unofficial Version: Although Kipas Guys is better than stumble guys still it’s not the official version. We have modified it and added some features, but it will remain safe and secure to use.
  • 2. Features Learning Curve: There are lots of features in Kipas Guys, So if you don’t know much about it, you will never gonna use it properly. The solution is simple, just read this article till the end, we have shared all features in it.
  • 3. Many Fake Versions: One of the most important reasons we have shared Kipas Guys on is because there are many fake sites, which are spreading fake apk. So remember to download it from an official website only.

How To Install Kipas Guys Apk – Step By Step Guide

Are you worried about how to install Kipas Guys Apk, then here we have shared the ultimate guide on Kipas guys. In this we have shared a step-by-step process to install Kipas Guys Apk, you can easily download it from, So let’s get started.

Step 1. First of all, you will need to download Kipas Guys Apk from

Step 2. After this open your file manager and click on the app we just downloaded, then you will see a new screen.

Step 3. So now there you will need to allow permission for “Unknown Sources”, it’s important to enable it for installing a third-party app on your device.

Step 4. Once you have done it, just click on the install button on the next screen and wait while the installation is going on.

Step 5. After your installation is done, you can start playing Kipas Guys Apk now.

How To Download Kipas Guys Apk For PC?

Do you want to play Kipas Guys on PC, are you a windows or Mac user? Don’t worry is here with you, we have the best solution to play Kipas Guys on your computer. All you need to do is, just follow our quick steps below and you will be able to enjoy Kipas Guys on PC.

Step 1. First of all you should download Kipas Guys Apk on your PC, so do it simply from

Step 2. After this go to Google and search for the best Android emulator (followed by your PC OS) like windows or Mac.

Step 3. Now from all of them, Choose the best emulator for your PC and install it.

Step 4. Now you can launch the emulator, after this install Kipas Guys Apk on your PC using that Android emulator.

Step 5. Once your installation is successful, you can easily launch Kipas Guys Apk on your PC with the help of an Android emulator.

Is It Safe To Use Kipas Guys Apk?

Yes, the answer will remain always yes until you download it from an untrusted source. There are many fake websites in the market, which state to share the original Kipas Guys Apk. But the truth is many of them are just spreading fake Versions. Because we always suggest you download Kipas Guys Apk from, this is the official site where we share all updates, events, and more versions of Kipas. There is much other interesting stuff about Stumble Guys, so stay tuned with

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Kipas Guys Apk?

If you are searching for an official download link for Kipas Guys Apk then is the only site for you. We are the official website providing an authentic version of Kipas on the go.

How to Fix the “Apk Not Installing error”?

This problem only occurs when any existing program conflicts with the current one. So to resolve it, please uninstall any other version of Stumble guys apk on your device and try the installation again.

How to unlock all skins in Stumble Guys Apk?

Unlocked Skins will require a premium pass and lots of gems, but there is also another way. You can just unlock the skins using Kipas Guys Apk, it’s a modified version of Stumble Guys and gives access to all premium features.

Which is the official website to download Kipas Guys Apk? is the only official website to download Kipas Guys Apk, you can have all your faith with the latest version on this website.

Which is the lowest android version required to install Kipas Guys Apk?

If you want to install Kipas guys apk on your device, then you should have android version 4.4 and more on your device. Also please keep some memory available, so the game will work smoothly.


In the above article, we have shared the latest version of Kipas Guys Apk. Whoever doesn’t know, Kipas Guys is a modified version of Stumble guys. This version Unlocks many amazing features and gives access to MOD Menu and more. For all our valuable users, we have shared a free download link of Kipas Guys Apk, so now you can freely download the app from the download button. You can also share your review and feedback once start using the game. Also please share it with all of your family and friends, and let them also enjoy it for free.