How To Increase levels in Stumble Guys (Easy Way)

How To Increase levels in Stumble Guys (Easy way)

Hello Stumblers, Welcome to another interesting article on Stumble Guys. In this article, we are going to learn how to increase levels in Stumble guys. In this game, you will Unlock many new perks and benefits as you unlock the levels. There are some ways to level up easily, so read our articles till the end, and get know to all these methods. Also don’t skip any part of this article, or you should miss out on important information about this game.

Why do we need to Increase Levels In Stumble Guys

The first ever question that comes to our mind is, why do we need to increase the levels? The answer to this question is quite simple, stumble guys have fewer levels but still some features will be unlocked if you have reached the level. You will also get new skins, emotes, footsteps and animation as you grow levels in Stumble guys. There are many rewards available on Stumble pass so there you will get more rewards after reaching new levels. Now let’s talk to increase levels in the stumble guys game.

How to Increase levels In Stumble Guys Game

  1. Play more Matches
  2. Get Qualified In Matches
  3. Increase Your Friends
  4. Be the ultimate Stumbler

Play more Matches

Stumble guys is all about playing multiplayer matches, This game has insane levels and amazing graphics. Many people count this game as a copy of other games, like Fall guys and Human Fall Flat. But either way, Kitka Games has made this game different, making it one of the most popular games in free-style gaming. By playing daily matches and tournaments you can ensure levels hick. This way you can easily complete all the levels you want.

Get Qualified In Matches

As far as you can play matches, there are more chances to increase levels but if you want to get security on this, then you will need to qualify for matches. By quality matches, and being one of the 16 qualified players you can get hick on levels. But as usual, it will be not easy to get qualified, so there you can use some tips and tricks to win the matches. This is a good method to increase your levels in stumble guys, but it will take some time to effect.

Increase Your Friends

Increasing your friends and playing with them can also affect your levels. If your friends have more levels than you, or play matches frequently it will help you gain some boost. You can start playing with random players first, or add your friends and play matches with them. There is cust party mode to make room and add your friends to it. Stumble Guy’s party mode can be fully customizable, you can easily select everything you want.

Be the ultimate Stumbler

At last, you can just follow best practices. There are many fabulous modes in stumble guys, you select any one of them and enjoy playing stumble guys like never before. You can play Party Mode, Tournament, Custom Matches, or simple multiplayer mode. This will let you taste the best scenarios of the stumble guys game. Just play, Learn, and qualify and you will automatically get level up. Because there are no stated marks to increase levels in this game, also it has only 20 levels. So as you grow in the game it will get achieved soon.


In this article we have shared how to increase levels in the stumble guys game, there are many ways and methods to do this. We have covered all of them, you can easily learn more about them in this article. Also, check out KipasGuys.Net for all Stumble Guys official News and Official MODs. That’s for now guys, hope you all enjoyed this article. Please make sure to share it with all of your friends and family, so they will also level up in stumble guys. We will meet you with new articles and news.

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