How To Win the Hardest Maps In Kipas Guys (Tips)

How To Beat the Hardest Stage In Stumble Guys Game (Tips)

Hello Everyone, Today I am going to share how to win Hardest maps in kipas guys. We are going to talk about the hardest stages, and some tactics to win those levels rapidly. If you want to know more about kipas guys, then go to our official website and find all official MOD versions and News about stumble Guys games. So read this article till the end, and don’t skip any part of this article, so you will never be able to win hard Maps.

Hardest Maps In Kipas Guys Game

Most difficult maps in kipas guys

Stumble Guys Has many hard maps which get very difficult to win and compete with other players. Because we have shared all the hardest maps below and will be talking about how to Beat them.

List Of Hardest Maps In Stumble Guys Game

  • Block Dash
  • Honey Drop
  • Bot Bash

Block Dash

Complete hardest stages in stumble guys game

Block Dash is one of the hardest Stages/Maps available on Stumble guys. This level doesn’t have any finish line or race like other levels, but in Block Dash, you will need to survive till the time runs out. Players will need to jump and run to other locations to survive lasers and traps. There is one interesting thing when this blocks tough you will not knockout out, so here you will get another chance to survive the game.

Honey Drop

Honey Drop map in Kipas guys

In Honey Drop map is designed like Flores like honeycombs. The catch here is that there are hexagonal shape tiles, whenever the player steps on it this will change into red. After a second this tile will be disappeared. Because you will need to be fast good to jump on the next steps. Also, there will be only 3 to 4 flours after that if any player falls. It will be called disqualified. You will need to use Statergies here and stay on the floors for maximum time. One of the best Strategies players use is staying 20 sec on each floor till the end.

Bot Bash

One of the hardest maps

The bot Bash map looks pretty simple, but it’s not. This map has the same strategy to stay in the stage area without falling. But on this map, you will see progressive robots attacking you can try to fall you from the stage, The color of the robots indicates their speed. While the blue ones are slowest and the Yellow are at middle speed, the red robots are very aggressive and have the highest speed. You will need to dodge these robots and beware of falling from the stage.

how To Win Hardest Maps In Kipas Guys

Fabulous Gameplay and animation

Below we have shared some important information on how to beat the Hardest maps in kipas guys. You can easily win every match in stumble guys using these tactics. This are methods are just complementary, you will need to show off some skills to win the game.

  1. Make Strategies
  2. Practice & Get Skills
  3. Run, Jump, & Roll
  4. Use MOD Versions

Make Strategies

Making new Strategies and playing according to them is the best way to win any map. Stumble guys have different structures and Obstacles on every map so you will need to develop your Strategies according to them. You can also play with your team and help each other to grow ahead in this game. Stumble guys will be an ultimate knockout multiplayer arena by using core Strategies.

Practice & Get Skills

Get exclusive rewards in Kipas guys apk

The second thing you can do is play this game as you do daily and earn its skills. You will get more used to this game and its matches by playing it for a while. Although this is a very time-consuming task and doesn’t have many possibilities of getting the win in all matches. But still, if you don’t want to do all these things, then you can check out other methods which are much easier.

Run, Jump, & Roll

Run, Jump, and roll are the basic principles of stumble guys, I don’t think you can win any match. In Stumble Guys, You will need to run toward the finish line. There are thousands of Obstacles and huddles in the way they jump from obstacles and roll from other players. These primary rules will let you win any match in the stumble guys game, Also with the hardest levels.

Use MOD Versions

Now, this is one of the most popular methods you can’t use. In kipasGuys.Net we have already shared all the official MOD of stumble guys, Like Stumble Guys MOD APK, Kipas Guys Apk, IRGI Terbaik Stumble Guys Apk, Stumble Guys x Pokemon Apk and many more. All this version has unique and exclusive features. You can easily get all the premium features of the Stumble Guys game. Also with the Kipas Guys MOD menu, you will get many cheats and hacks to win the hardest Stages in the kipas guys game.

Final Verdict

This article was all about How to win the hardest stages in the Kipas Guys Game?, we have shared all the hard maps you will see in the stumble guys. Also, we have shared some effective methods to Qualify the hardest stages in the Kipas Guys game. Our website, KipasGuys.Net is the official website to download all Stumble guys MODs. You will get information about the latest news and Upcoming events on the stumble guys game. So if you are a Stumble Guys lover, our website is the ultimate choice for you. That’s it for now, hope you all loved this article, and please make sure to share this with all your friends and family.


In the above article, we have shared How to qualify in the Hardest Maps of the Stumble guys game. We have also shared some methods to win every match in the stumble guys game. You can easily download all the stumble guys MODs, like Kipas Guys Apk, Stumble Guys MOD Apk, IRGI Terbaik Stumble Guys Apk, Stumble Guys x Pokemon Apk, and more. You will get the latest updates of the Stumble guys game on our website, If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests about content, then you can comment with us or contact us directly.

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