The New Stumble Guys Party Mode is Ultimate..!

Hey Stumble Guys Lovers, Do you know about the latest update in Stumble Guys?, Do you want to play solo matches in stumble Guys? If yes then this article is for you. In this article we are going to share the New Stumble Guys Party MOD, this mode is insane and offers all the settings players wanted to use. Also in this Update Stumble guys team has added all the customizations and options to make this best party MOD. We are going to share all information about this update so follow our official website, KipasGuys.Net

Overview Of This Article

This article is all about the new update of Party Mode In Stumble Guys. We all know stumble Guys MOD Apk for its amazing multiplayer Matches and gameplay. But in this update the developer, Kitka Games has added some unique features in Party Mode. Previous we have already shared an article on how to play solo matches in Stumble Guys, but now using Stumble Guys New Party Mode you can easily Select how many players you want to play with. This feature will give you total independence, upon playing this game.

Unique Features Of Stumble Guy’s New Party Mode

Stumble guys already has a party mode to make custom rooms and play with friends. But now in its new update, you can select how players play in a match. Also, there are some unique features, which we are going to discuss in this article so read it carefully.

List Of All Unique Features In New Party Mode

  1. Custom Play Mode
  2. Select the Number Of Players
  3. Allow/Block Bots
  4. Select Bots Number
  5. Play Upto 3 Rounds
  6. Custom Maps Selection
  7. Add Your Friends To Match

Custom Play Mode

Playing Custom player matches in Stumble Guys MOD APK is not new, but now it’s been more customizable. Here in this mode, you get access to all the options, you can select several players, bots, and maps. Also, this mode will give you the same options to add a player and your friends to the match. You can easily share the mod and start enjoying the game.

Select the Number Of Players

This mode will give you access to all the games, you can easily select how many players you want to play in a match. Also with help of this mode, you can even play solo matches. There is no need to have 32 players in every match now, just use this mode and customize your match as you want.

Allow/Block Bots

There are all real playing players in stumble guys, but many times playing party mode you didn’t find all the players. and playing with just 2 players will not be fun, because in New party Mode you can easily fill as many players as you want also with all the customization in it. This feature is only possible using AI bots. Now, these bots are well-trained even if you didn’t play well they can lose you.

Select Bots Number

It’s all up to you how many bots and players you want in a match. If you selected only 1 bot then there will be one bit and another with your friends or family with whom you shared the code. This is a very amazing feature and makes life in the Party Mode because playing with fewer players is very boring. But now you can easily play matches as you want.

Play Upto 3 Rounds

Do you want to be an Ultimate Stumbler from your team, then this mode is for you. Here you can select your skills by playing more matches. You can play up to 3 matches and play. Now you can easily select the best players from your team. So download the Kipas Guys app and start exploring all these amazing features, with all the premium features in it.

Custom Maps Selection

We all are crazy about Maps available in stumble guys, although there is no option to play with a specific map. But now in this Ultimate Party Mode, you can easily select any match you want to play. It could be any map, there is no restriction on anything you want to do. Also, you can select any custom map for all the 3 matches playing, this way you can create an ultimate Muti player arena in Stumble Guys MOD Apk.

Add Your Friends To Match

Now, this is one of the best features I liked in this game, many games have introduced features like this but they have districted it to players only. We can’t experience it with our friends, but now in Stumble Guys New Party Mode, you can easily add all your players and bots as you want. There is all control in your hand, so customize your match as you want.

How to Play New Party MOD In Stumble Guys

Now if you want to know to search for these features and use them, below we have shared a step-by-step guide for you. Just follow it carefully and do all the steps.

Step 1. First of all, you will need to download stumble guys MOD Apk, like Kipas Guys apk. If you have already done this then move to the next step, or download it from this shortcut link.

Step 2. Now open the game, and sign in.

Step 3. Click on the Party Mode button.

Step 4. Now Click on the Custom Game Option.

Step 5. Then select the number of players, allowed bots, and the Total number of matches. Also, you can select custom matches from this screen.

Step 6. Click on create and share the code with your friends, once all players are a ready match will be started.

Final Words

In this article, we have shared an Ultimate Party Mode update of the stumble guys game. This is one of the best updates on the stumble guys game. We have enclosed this version in all of our Mods like Kipas Guys Apk, Stumble Guys MOD Apk, IRGI Terbaik Stumble Guys Apk, and many more. So you can easily try these amazing features in it. That’s it for now, if you faced any problems please share them with us in the comment section below. We will give you a reply as soon as possible. Till then please share this amazing article with all of your friends and family, so they can enjoy playing this amazing game.

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